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Why you should consider 'face proportion' and not 'face shape' when giving a haircut

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Schema 10 gelaatsvormen - mastyco

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Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds of Make UP – Which One is Your Face

Read on to know how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for every face shape: round, oval, heart, square etc.

Flatter your face shape! The perfect earrings for your face shape.#40 Plus Style Accessories Course

15 Tips and Tricks On How To Flatter Your Face Shape

Jewelry tip:  How to chose perfect earrings to compliment your face shape.  Florida Bride Magazine via Rita Sunderland, Google+  (I need the really LONG ones :)

Let your earrings hang low, or dangle to and fro. If you have a round face, dangling earrings is the way to go!

YinR and YangR Faces by thewildpapillon on Polyvore featuring мода and JULIANNE

YinR and YangR Faces by thewildpapillon on Polyvore featuring мода and JULIANNE

How to determine your face shape:

The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

Learn how to playup the favorite parts of your face while hiding the not-so-favorite parts. When it comes to styling your hair, knowing your face shape is uber important. Take styling tips from your celebrity face shape inspiration.

Parting your hair is a big deal! Here's how to choose the right part for your hairstyle based on your face shape.

Look the Part: Finding the Right Part For Your Face

[ Hair Tutorials : The hair part —the middle part, the deep side part, the angular part — we love them all. But even if you’ve been rocking the same hair p