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Death Cab For Cutie - Someday you will be loved shoulder back tattoo tattoos

I'm the hero of this story, I don't need to be saved.

"I'm the hero of this story, I don't need to be saved" -Regina Spektor This is your life. Be your own hero.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini  | 23 Epic Literary Love Tattoos

23 Epic Literary Love Tattoos

The crown tattoo symbolizes an individual's sovereignty over their own life, feelings, thoughts, and actions. The crown symbolizes self-control, and is a reminder to use power and authority wisely and justly.

For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own...

Harry Potter Tattoo Text tattoo in spiral. For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Love this quote from Harry Potter.

tattoo ink. inhale, exhale.

Inhale, exhale tattoo for the yoga masters among us. And just in case you forgot how to breathe.

OMG I love the placement of this tattoo!!!

Cool placement - So get on your feet, wipe the dirt off and get with it. Destiny lays at your door, all wrapped up with a ribbon

Breathe Tattoo. Love the placement

But backwards so I can see in mirror. "breathe" placement on the diaphragm is unique and fitting I think this is it. My next tattoo. Maybe "Just Breathe" or "In and Out" though. Love this!

Hmm maybe x -  Cool Tattoo Ideas and Pictures Enjoy! http://www.tattooideascentral.com/hmm/

"And she loved a little boy very, very much. Even more than she loved herself" . - The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein; this quote would be perfect for a baby boy's nursery