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Kelburn Castle, Scotland

Os Gemeos - Kelburn Castle, Scotland, total something I would do if I ever owned a castle, talk about a black canvas!


Street artist Escif has created the latest work in Morocco, Melilla Art School. It appears to be a wallpaper or graphic of some sort, laid over the traditional shaped architecture in peachy tones.

If you associate hoodie\u002Dconcealed men sporting spray cans with street art, think again. Think crocheted bicycles, yarn bombing and random acts of planting. To be sure, traditional urban art is dominated by men. But the last

Artist Transforms Stuffy Old Lace Into Fantastic Street Art (Photos)

Artist Transforms Stuffy Old Lace Into Fantastic Street Art (Photos) : TreeHugger

Street Graphics

Art on Side of Apartment building Lovely drawing and fashion from Liberty Street Art sidewalk art - STREET ART UTOPIA

Kuvahaun tulos haulle peltilehmä miina äkkijyrkkä

Miina Äkkijyrkkä, Peltilehmä, made from old car parts

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After collaborating on a wall with Os Gemeos, Aryz stuck around in Lodz, Poland for the Fundacja Urban Forms Festival and painted another wall.

作品来自于西班牙马德里的艺术家 Alicia Martin,5000本书倾泻而出。是被买书不读的自己逼疯了吧。

Artist Alicia Martin's tornado of books shoot out a window like a burst of water from a giant hose. The Spain-based artist's sculptural installation at Casa de America, Madrid depicts a cavalcade of books streaming out of the side of a building.

Klaus Klinger

"Economic Miracle Mural" in Düsseldorf, Germany ~ designed by Klaus Klinger and Kübra Sirinyurt. The mural was painted in 2007 with local residents.

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