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"hahaha, what is this? A muppet?" Omg who ever said that, stop. Or climb out from under your rock.

Hot Hunk of a Hobbit - Mustache and Ponytail and Roly Poly Red Hair - WTF ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

12 Images To Make You Never Complain About Your Job Again

12 Images To Make You Never Complain About Your Job Again

This is not how we used to celebrate Easter. What happened to a Creme Egg and a card? #SoWrong, this Easter Bunny.

The most awkward (and hilarious) Easter photos ever

What do you get when you cross an Olympic speed skater with the Easter Bunny and throw in a stripper for the hell of it? (Scotty the Blue Bunny by Misa Martin)

75 Hilarious Tattoos

75 Hilarious Tattoos

Spoons at Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart http://ibeebz.com

Some people don't want kids at WalMart due to some ridiculous people of WalMart. Take a look at these 30 people of Walmart that are extremely weird to handle.

Only missing camo and ammo. I think I will recreate this for secret santa...only better. FOR A WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT ;)

lol, This year's white elephant gift! Redneck Dream Catcher - This year's homemade Christmas gift has been found!

okay...okay...now be nice...you'll get like this too someday. Now point me towards the latrine willya....


Beach Bikini Fashion Fail ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails Not funny~anorexia