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Yuuuuup! :D

With Chronic Pain and Fatigue, all you can do is Breathe and Blink, but we must try to Smile as well. A smile can get those endorphins going. Somedays smiling is the last thing you want to do!

Yeah, I'm hurting ...but I'll be the prettiest wreck you've ever seen. ༺ß༻

"Yeah, I'm hurting. but on goes the mascara and lip gloss. That's right, I'll be the prettiest wreck you've ever seen!

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Funny impertinent pictures – New week, new pain, that’s the name of the game! Feel like you’re on the verge of already losing it?

Or smiling on the outside, wondering if it's okay to take another dose of medicine yet. Just another day in paradise

Just another day in Suburban Paradise.

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So many days...

I love the feeling when you finally get in bed and turn off the lights and think, "I've been wanting to do this since this morning.this is so true sometimes!

But you don't look sick

But you don't look sick - Invisible/Chronic Illness and what NOT to say

I hate it!!

I hate it!!

It's always amazing to hear "you look great!"... When inside I hurt so much I can't even focus.

When you have an invisible illness, it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a clue. It's a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside when you look fine on the outside.

And you aren't any better, sitting there judging me

Dani always said I'm sliding right in and have a place saved.

I look calm but I've throat punched you five times in my head already.

You’re pregnant — and bulging with questions. For better or worse, strangers may feel free to pat your belly and offer advice and folklore, some of it completely untrue. Here’s our guide through the confusion and controversy.

9 Pregnancy Myths That Might Surprise You

We all of our blonde

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Amber needs this funny text message prank cats. I have a friend I could mess with for HOURS doing that. I may need to change my number soon just to do it

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