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Pitkälehtikihokin kukka.

Pitkälehtikihokin kukka.

Sundews (Drosophylla) Carnivorous Plants - repinned by www.earthangel-family.de

Grow a sundew in your greenhouse for whitefly control. Use butterwort in a shady area

Carnivorous plants - The primitive pitchers of Heliamphora chimantensis are an example of pitfall traps.

Pitcher Plant Diversity: A Look At 10 Species

Carnivorous plants are fun! Heliamphora chimantensis is a species of marsh pitcher plant endemic to the Chimantá Massif in Venezuela.

Nepenthes robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' is a tropical pitcher plant (carnivorous plant).

Nepenthes robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' is a tropical pitcher plant (carnivorous plant) ohhhh Im drooling!

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Carnivorous Plants – Beauty, Intrigue, and so much Fun~!

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Artist and Gardener: Fedor van der Valk, Brings You String Gardens

String Gardens: Grow plants in balls of soil/moss tied together with string and hang them! (Dunk in water to refresh.) GREAT idea for my greenhouse pitcher plants.

Caring for Venus fly trap.... I have a new obsession and I can't wait to get my red dragon :)))))

How to Care for a Venus Flytrap Indoors

Venus flytraps are a type of carnivorous plant that lures prey, catches it and digests it. The plants have snap type traps to accomplish their hunting. Like other plants, Venus.

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant | Carnivorous Plants-Northern Pitcher Plant-Purple-Sarracenia Purpurea ...

The natural history of Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, and other carnivorous plants in North Carolina.

Carnivorous plant terrarium, with upright growing sarracenias, sundews, and mosses. Vessel by roost.

Recopilación de originales terrarios para el interior del hogar

Pitcher Plant: (Carnivorous) Did you know that pitcher plants could also live in not-so-liveable marshes and peat bogs? They are called marsh or Heliamphora pitchers and they live inside the secluded forests of Latin America.

Pitcher Plant--found this amazing specimen reading about Marianne North, wealthy Victorian explorer/artist. Thank you, Smithsonian Channel.

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