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Ocarinaaaa D:

Water Temple never goes smoothly. < actual the water temple was the easiest dungeon for me. Alot of people hate it but I thought it was cool.


Don't You Start That Nonsense With Me, Mister

Jessica Smith Created Masterful Zelda Wii U Inspired Art Featuring Zora’s Domain and Death Mountain

Having a rest while being back home in Australia, so I wanted to catch up and try finish some Zelda arts. Here’s Zora’s Domain! Zora's Domain - Zelda Open World

Yet... no one was afraid the world was going to end. Also that link wasn't there... unless the person writing the story was Link

Skull Kid cosplay i would have screamed cause i was sscared of skull kid when i play Majora's Mask lol!

LoL I hate how I can't understand this, but it's still amusing to me! XD I love how Link be pimping, but only wants Zelda!

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - hahaha funny! parody of the "Reaction Guys" meme!