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Rooar ! I'm a baby vampire without tooth. ^_^

Cutest Baby Eyes Ever!<<< ok I HATE children (babies) but how can you hate something so beautiful?

My son Matthew had hair like this, only red.When we went to the park, little flying bugs would get caught

Blonde baby spike hair and other cute and pictures of Funny Babies. Features funny baby faces, send in pics of YOUR baby and cute baby stuff

This isnt even my foot!!

We love to see a new born baby, the smile and innocent face is adorable but the great happiness is seeing the ridiculous funny baby faces that are irresistible

Them cheeks though

Her facial expression is cute without the art on her cheeks. What a cutie.

What a gorgeous baby n perfect picture u just notice her eyes. No distractions like those huge bows some people put on babies Beautiful

playing peek a boo...melts my heart.

The Mysterious "Shy Guy"

Bende ağlarım Biriciğim...

This is what you call the epitome of a baby's pout about to see the tears start streaming.

Haters gon' hate!  SO stinkin' cute!

If you're Fabulous, then be Fabulous, cause Haters gon' hate no matter what!

Funny Babies - 62 Pictures

Funny Babies - 62 Pictures

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