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ellyn's place: candy sleighs Looks like a great craft project for me and the kids. Maybe teacher gifts ;

DIY Teacher Gift ~ Upcycled apple treat cups... using a 12 oz plastic drink bottles

DIY Plastic Bottle Apple Treat Cup How Freakin Cute! Perfect treats for Halloween Parties, Hayride Treats, Thanksgiving etc. Love them!

DIY Candy Sleigh - perfect for school party

17 Epic Christmas Craft Ideas

How to Make a Candy Sleigh. DIY mini Santa candy sleigh for classrooms, gifts, or stocking stuffers. Super easy to make!

Super early for Christmas stuff but omg this stuff is super cute!!!

Candy Sleigh: 2 candy canes for runners. KitKat as base. 10 Hershey's miniatures stacked in a pyramid. Hot glue together, wrap in ribbon and look fabulous. Great idea for junk food junkie

Une idée tellement amusante à réaliser

Elle forme un hexagone avec des bonbons à la menthe! Ce qu'elle en fait vous épatera!

DIY Peppermint Candy Bowl - The perfect (and easiest) DIY Christmas Gift. Fun way to add color to your Christmas party. Use them for your sprinkles or to wrap up your cookies.

Candy cane sleigh

Candy Cane Sleighs - 2 candy canes standard size kit kat bar mini hershey bars -ribbon and a bow

"Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas from the Ding Dongs next door!"

ho ho ho merry christmas from the ding dongs next door. or :) ding dong, merry christmas, from the ho ho hos next door ;

Frosty Family Fun - Holiday and Christmas treats, crafts, and DIY ideas the whole family will love!

Mini candy sleighs for classroom stocking stuffers. Mini erasers for people - Will use different candy cane flavor. Not the peppermint.

Candy Sleighs: Hot glue gun, 1 standard Kit Kat bar, 2 candy canes, 10 Hershey bars (stacked 4, 3, 2, 1), ribbon & a bow on top!

VOLUNTEER GIFT FOR Candy Sleighs 2 candy canes 1 regular size Kit Kat bar 10 mini Hershey candy bars (variety pack) ribbon hot glue