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anu tuominen. jäniksenmarjoja (papanat) / rabbit berries (droppings)

Anu Tuominen - White Gloves J.Morgan Puett - Wholesale to The Trade Only, Anu Tuominen - Spring Shoes - Catkin.

by Anu Tuominen (voikukka / dandelion) 2006

I work in paint, collage, and cut paper — the brighter, the better.

Märkä eläin / Wet Animal (found darned mitten, eye button) | | Anu Tuominen

Märkä eläin / Wet Animal (found darned mitten, eye button)


Today I am literally feeding my soul off the Anu Tuominen’s work. There are images which amazed me just as much as Chris Larson’s Deep Nort.

Anu Tuominen: Dirty Colour - Clean Colours, 2001 (unraveling)

Anu Tuominen: Dirty Colour - Clean Colours, 2001 (unraveling)

Calligraphy done with paper pulp make up these sculptures by Miriam Londoño    “The structure of these books intend to trigger meanings in the mind: what makes a book? Is it the words or the pages, or both? Seen as a sieve of ideas, the books stop being page-by page compilations, to be transformed into fragile nets catching language’s essentials metaphors.”

Text Art: Miriam Londoño visual texts where words rather than written on paper are themselves made ​​of paper through structures made up of lines in space, allowing light to filter through and shadows to emerge.

Werkt | | Anu Tuominen Finland

Lisää värejä / More Colours, 2012

Textile Design work by Abigail Gardiner Good grief, look at the deconstructed bargello beading.

Conceptual Art, Art Object, Architecture Art, Sheep, Fil, Kawaii, Objects, Contemporary Art, Wool

Anu Tuominen   http://www.anutuominen.fi/

El imaginativo mundo de Anu Tuominen