Ombre Nails Variations.   A tip to creating ombre nails without buying a lot is just mixing white and black in your nail polishes one by one and applying them with a brush. However, if you want a tone variation too, it might be best to use normal polishes. Putting white and black keeps the color all in the same tone if you know what I mean.

I love the idea of picking a hue of one color for every nail bc its simple but chic. Chances are most women have one color in their nail polish box, just in different hues. So this is a cheap and easy way to mix it up.

My next mani! Pastel colors paired with a nude hue. A beautiful and subtle way to jazz up your nails.

Glam Polish: Pahlish - Candy and Ronnie

Pahlish Candie and Ronnie is one of the most exciting colors I received in my indie haul earlier this week it is so bright I love the neon p.

The sponge nails  1. Take a make up sponge and put ur fav finger nail polish on a paper plater and place the sponge on the polsih for 10 seconds.  2. Place on your nails and hold.   3. Rinse and dry your sponge and on to next nail.

Sephora nailspotting ombre keylime - I did these same colors - and added a glitter 'bubble' on top.

i love the print on the ring finger.

I will make an exception to my blue nail polish policy for this pretty teal

Chloe's Nails: Pink polka dots & the polish that started it all.......

Pink Polka Dot Mani - 2 coats of OPI Mod About You China Glaze Admire for the design.


All the nail art tutorials you could ever need, all in one website. Like a bajillion nail tutorials on this one website.

Confetti nails for #NYE! @nailart

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Confetti Pattern Nails ~ Sometimes the prettiest nail art is utterly effortless. In this case, Chalkboard Nails simply layered a sparkly topcoat over a favorite neutral and created a confetti-sprinkled effect worthy of celebration.