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Beautiful is the woman who knows people, places and things don't define her. She is defined by her acts of loving kindness and a generous heart.

"My primary goal in life is to feel vibrant and alive, inside and out. I've been unhappy enough to know that I only want joy & peace to surround and flow through me.

I love how this is said, I don't think I would have ever put it quite like that.

My heart is at ease knowing what was meant for me will never miss me. & What misses me was never meant for me.

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I never asked to compete. I was perfectly happy just doing my life, by myself. You turned us into a competition. I hope you read this and know it's for you. Compete with someone else.-previous pinned but fits so well.

"How they choose not to love you shouldn't be the deciding factor for how you love yourself. You are worthy of all things good from those who see your true value. Keep your self-appreciation high and remember that truth." - Alex Elle quote

Best Inspirational Quotes About Life QUOTATION - Image : Quotes Of the day - Life Quote "How they choose not to love you shouldn't be the deciding

--People can only meet you, as deeply as they've met themselves.--

Despite how open, peaceful and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they've met themselves. This is the heart of clarity.

"Time spent appreciating is time worth living."

A beautiful starts with a beautiful mindset. Time appreciating is time worth living. Privilege to be alive and healthy. Treat life like a blessing so it can become one.

people say the only person who can save you is you; but thats not true. theres a couple of people in my life that absolutely turned my life around, and im so greatful for them and i dont know what i did to deserve them in my life, but im thankful and blessed to have them, because without them id be nothing.

It is a forever journey, to always be working on bettering one's self. I have no problem admitting that I am no where near perfect and I will always be working towards learning to acknowledge who I am.

good and bad are given to the good and the bad. No one knows their future. I believe it is right to behave graciously, but that doesnt guarantee anyone will notice.

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