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【胸熱】知らんかった… 「永遠の命」を勝ち得た生命『ベニクラゲ』が現実に存在する

Animales Medusa  Fondo de Pantalla

Running into a jellyfish can be a painful experience. Whether the common moon jellyfish or the dreaded man-o-war, here's how to deal with a jellyfish sting

The Black Medusa-   Vampyrocrossota childressi  Size: 15 cm  Depth Found: 600-1500 m  This jellyfish had the ultimate defence mechanism; it absorbs all the light that enters its bell, much like a black hole. This makes it invisible to predators in the depths of the ocean where it lives. It was only discovered in 1992 in the Monterey Canyon because of this.    Reference: The Deep- The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss by Claire Nouvian Published 2007

Vampyrocrossota childressi (The Black Medusa)


One of the most beautiful jelly fish in the world-- lives in the frozen waters beneath the Antarctic ice.

jellyfish by ryankozie, via Flickr

Elegant Jellyfish Inspire Research in Propulsion and Energy Technology


More blue than purple but enough purple to make it to the purple jellyfish board.

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