Now I just need to get my ass out there and do it!!!!!!!!

I think I used to have that sports bra about 20 years ago :)

Tomorrow is another day

i need to remember this when i sit home instead of hitting the road or gym

I need to remember this

Ah, good advice. This may help transition the mind from the emotion spurring the desire to binge into a calmer space. Ah, good advice. This may help transition the mind…

Wish I always believed this when I'm working out

This is SO true! I never thought I could run miles at once. Not that I thought my body couldn't do it but rather my brain getting too bored!

It Never Gets Easier You Just Get Better

In my opinion, focus on getting better makes things easier. Focus on finding things easier, things often get worse.

Drop the dumbbells. Here are 22 kettlebell exercises that’ll give the whole body a killer workout.

22 Kettlebell Exercise: Kettlebell Workouts For Women

Kettlebell is prob the best thing out there. Works everything at once! 22 Awesome KettleBell Workouts i have two kettle bells.

Fat Patty's restaurant came to town after I moved, so I've not eaten here yet. Great raves from those who have though. Huntington, West Virginia <3 my hometown <3

Fat Patty's Bar and Restaurant downtown Huntington, of many best places to eat and hang out.Richard works there :)

(Older "newborn" 3-6 months) Perfect for the blanket that Nanita made him!

(Older "newborn" months) I like this idea better than newborn photos because they're not all Benjamin Button looking.