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i cant wait to baby sit mother badgers pup, gonna take her to work w me like this! lol

Meanwhile at the Post Office. Lol why is this dog being subjected to post office errands?

Случайно вышло...

THAT FACE. I make the same one when I really want to buy something but my mom didn't listen the first time I said it


'The Dog Days of month old English bulldog cooling off on ice. Got to love Texas!

okay, not sure if the person is a girl, dbut I want her to be - so she is for my pin, because that's how dog girls love

Sunday brunch (57 photos)

#Corgi puppy, explorin' a park  Like, Pin, share! Thx Guys :)

RT Emergency Cute Stuff: Corgi puppy, explorin' a park.

This is so adorable and true!

Funny pictures about A hug changes everything. Oh, and cool pics about A hug changes everything. Also, A hug changes everything.


A black & white kitty and a Jack Russell. Kitty the Cat and Buttons the Jack Russel think they're sisters after being put together in Rescue Center.

Zzzzz zzzz  Zzz

Exhausting day at the dog park! we may have seen this face/position a time or two!

Attack of the cute

It's been a hard day's night. And I've been working like a dog It's been a hard day's night I should be sleeping like a log But when I get home to you I find the things that you do Will make me feel alright.