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And then when I'm AT the vacation place, I found out what I forgot.

not just a teenager post



one of my most effective methods of maintaining discipline in class

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like when you through the paper wad in the trash and make it.

That was funny, but I don't like you, so I'm not going to laugh.


so I refuse to laugh.

You don't need to be a teenager for this to be a pinpoint fact.

i'm the kind of teenager who drinks hot chocolate in the summer, and eats icecream in the winter. Haha I am not even a teen and I still do this :)

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the feeling you get when your inside a grocery store and you hear your favorite song.

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spending more time looking at your face on video chat than the person youre camming with

yep, I have definitely done this


that awkward moment when you.

Lol yup

Especially since I text people back super fast



I think this holds true long after you're a teenager.


Everybody at least once dose this. Bumping into an object and saying ouch even though it didnt hurt

@Caraline Cardwell.  AND, we can refer to certain people through facial expressions.... LSHMSFOAIDMT


Not only a Teenager Post

this relates!


this relates!

happens to me all the time!

Yep, I've done this to. Only I've done it to my sister.

"So then I was like I don-" *cute guy walks past* INITIATE LOOK. ((And fangirl squeals as soon as he's out of earshot)

It's not just a teenager thing.