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We have so many different gummy bears to choose from, it can only be described as a rainbow! Grapefruit, mango, and so much more!

Gummi Bear lamps

Gummy Bear Lamps ~ Evan & Emma have the green ones ~ super fun and practical!

Gummy Bear Recipe For Party Favors-a healthier version for Jake

Gummy Bear Candy Mold Deco Sweets Kawaii Food Silicone Flexible Clay Resin Mould on Etsy,

Got someone who LOVES Gummy Bears -- surprise them with a 4 pound Gummy Bear!  Can you imagine getting that stuck in your teeth?  EEK!

The World'S Largest Gummy Bear

How to Make Gummy Worms --

Make Gummy Worms

How to Make Gummy Worms. Gummy worms are delicious treats that can be both ghoulish and great. You can put gummy worms in 'mud' pudding, on top of ice cream, or just eat them by themselves.