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"The perfect Aries woman is a mix of a teacher, wonder woman and a porn star." *I like the "Porn Star" part - only with the one you love, of course. sorry fellas.

Attributes of an Aries

Aries loves to engage in deep conversations; has a tender heart; believes in kind gestures and words

Yes. Although i think this goes for any woman

SOOOOOO true sometimes. If I'm quiet, leave me alone because if you don't, we will BOTH regret it.

Can't be any more on the money than this. Normally don't buy this stuff, but.

Aries, when an Aries is sad angry, or stressed everyone can tell. These people can't hide their emotions.

I'm just generally nice and friendly to the boys AND GALS. Don't read too much into it ;)

Fun facts about your sign here. I never realized I did this until it was pointed out.

Fuck with an Aries & they will pull your organs out through your nose.

Fuck with an Aries & they will pull your organs out through your nose. I have come up with a bunch of ways to very very painfully and slowly torture people so DON'T GET ON MY BAD SIDE!


I don& do horoscopes but. Thank God! I have a man who does this amazingly and thinks little of it!

There is no other sign in the Zodiac that knows themselves better than an Aries

This lends us the power to truly not give a flying eff what anyone else thinks of us. That said our actions are rarely intended to harm others, we're usually just too busy having fun to notice if anyone has been burnt by us along the way!