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Pretty dresses are my addiction. I love to dress up almost as if it's a game. When I put on a dress I feel like a princess, like I could do anything. Pretty dresses mean so much more than glitz and glamor, it means feeling on top of the world.

Boots...  I wish I wore more brown

Boots women,Add some leg warmers to those boots! And I love the leg warmers with tights. I guess thick knee socks could work too* tho. Want the boots!

Just girly things #15th birthday parties

My parents bought a fire pit last year and we had several bonfires in the fall. I remember that we always had hot cocoa and smores by the fire.

oversized tshirts

just girly things- it make this post better because it's a batman shirt😝

reasons to love being alive

Cuddling up on a cold night with a warm, fuzzy blanket! Love that feeling!

Pretty much.. Especially with One Direction Songs

I LOVE MUSIC! I have had days when one song explains me better than I can.hence the repeat!

Just Girly Things when someone compliments the thing you are most insecure about

when someone compliment's the thing you are most insecure about: ( almost crying, whispering) I love you.