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A dancer's life.

so true:: Dance is a part of me. It has entered my life. Taken over my body. It is in my walk, in my movements, in my thoughts, I have become a dancer.

This is what we get told before we perform :)( and don't forget to smile is they only thing I ever remember:P)

And people think dance is easy! (You read this in your dance teacher's voice.

Makenzie dustman HER FEET>>>>>>>>

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Motivatie voor de dansles #Dansen #Ballet #Quote

Tell myself this before Dance class / Cheer Training :) its all about a positive attitude (Need to remember this for Monday ballet and Dixie's modern :/ )

I hate how people underestimate ballet...my friend is in ballet and she is one of the strongest, most enduring people I know.

I hate how people underestimate ballet. everyone I talk too(besides people in dance with me) say that "dance is soooo easy"- NOPE