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Book: Blue Moments, Poems

Book: Blue Moments, Poems

If you've ever attempted to learn to write a book, one of the very early lessons you were told is that you need to hook to reader right away. Many of the best pieces of literature start off with an opening line that's so memorable and engaging that you can't help but keep going. It's…

Do You Remember These First Lines From Famous Books?

With authors ranging from an 11th-century Chinese poet to Tomas Tranströmer, the Swedish winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature, Time of Grief presents human bereavement in unprecedented scale and scope.  When I asked Time of Grief's editor, the poet Jeffrey Yang, to choose a favorite from the anthology, he selected a piece by the American poet George Oppen. The poem ends by transforming a dour line from

'Lights Have Entered Us': George Oppen's Words About Hope in Grief

A George Oppen poem about bereavement amazes poet Jeffrey Yang, and even connected him to a fellow poet.

Inferno Infographic | Course Hero

Dante Alighieri's Inferno Infographic to help you understand everything about the book. Visually learn all about the characters, themes, and Dante Alighieri.

The Winning Helix in Finnish (WsoyPro 2008)

The Winning Helix in Finnish (WsoyPro

A Gumtree graphic - 12 books to read before you die

12 Books You Should Read Before You Die. Here are 12 books that you should read before you die. These books are absolutely fantastic-how many of them have you read?