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{Bub, the one-of-a-kind cutie cat} a special kittycat with a dude who loves her. Little Bub is a girl cat who was born (not bred) a “perma-kitten” and a dwarf. She has extra toes on each foot, no teeth, and she doesn't quite meow. Prepare to fall in love!

Bub has dwarfism, leaving her with shortened limbs, a long, slender body, and permanently kittenlike features. She has no teeth and an underdeveloped lower jaw -- hence the endearing tongue situation. And she’s polydactyl, meaning she has an extra toe on each back foot and opposable “thumbs” on the front.

We Talk to Famed Internet Cat Lil Bub and Her Humble Owner

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A cat whose teeth never grew in, who has an extra toe on each foot, who will always have kittenish features, who has dwarfism (shortened limbs, elongated body) who is named Lil Bub and is CUTE AS ANYTHING! Lil Bub was NOT bred to look like this.

Lil Bub

Is this the cutest kitten in the world? Bub the 'dwarf' cat with stubby legs and bulging eyes is an internet hit

lil Bub ..

I LOVE this cat. Almost as much as I love Charlie and Cleo :) lil bub!

Alley cats being taught circus tricks at the Barnes Circus Zoo, in Culver City, California, 1925

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Check out Lil Bub!

On top of the morning to you, BUB -Josie Packard

Ho.. ho ...ho.. (pwahahahaha)

Ho.. ho ...ho.. (pwahahahaha)

Samir Ujine | VK

Samir Ujine | VK

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{If I fits, I sits.} Lloyd in a bowl - this looks so much like Georgie!