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earth-song: “ ”Kingpin ” by Mike Reyfman King Penguins put the chicks in one of the creches, returning every several days with food. This picture was taken at Salisbury Plain, on shoreline of South.

Bunny naps cozied up in her favorite blanket - July 2015

HYSTERICAL!! This Bunny Goes On An Absolute Rampage, And I Can't Stop Laughing!!

HYSTERICAL!! This Bunny Goes On An Absolute Rampage, And I Can’t Stop Laughing!!

Russian photographer Petr Banny photographed the animal as she recharged her batteries in the Serengeti National Park, letting all four limbs hang down from the tree branch.

Meerkats - "Someday, my son" by Thomas Retterath.

40 Inspirations of Wildlife Photography

Toto from BBC's "Big Cat Diary"

This is my next watercolor painting. Baby cheetah cub and her momma

I want to huge it so bad its to cute

Koalas are marsupials and solitary creatures, spending most of their days comfortably lounging in trees. They usually spend between 18 and 22 hours, or about 75 percent of the day, sleeping. The extended naps help koalas conserve energy, which they need t

Oh, hi there!  Do you have a moment to talk about seals of approval?

Animal Photobombs - Likes. Happy seal This is probably the cutest of all photobombs so far. If you don't get touched by the smile on this seal's face, than there must be something wrong with you.


Mindanao Bleeding Heart doves (Gallicolumba crinigera), also known as Bartlett's bleeding heart dove, Barlett's bleeding heart pigeon and the hair-breasted bleeding heart, is a species of bird in the pigeon family. It is endemic to the Philippines.

PHOTO OP: Something’s Been Weighing on Me Via _bunny_family_.

thefluffingtonpost: “PHOTO OP: Something’s Been Weighing on Me Via _bunny_family_.

Fantástica águila

The Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) is a large eagle found in open and semi-open habitats of sub-Saharan Africa. Beautiful inspiration for Eryr Ymladd's Second Form.