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Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings Top 10 Most Beautiful and Spectacular Unknown Places

Сегодня на очереди обзор сказочных окошек. Напомню, мы начинали с дверей и обнаружили, что двери вполне самостоятельно могут создавать иллюзию обитаемого пространства, даже без собственно домиков. С окошками возможен тот же фокус! Вот, например, хотя это и фабричное искусство, но все равно — просто одно окошко, но всем очевидно, что в этом дереве кто-то живет: …

Fantasy fairytale miniature house in tree in forest - Fairytale fantasy house in tree trunk in forest

with a front deck and fresh air!

The aptly named Secret Garden treehouse in Seattle was commissioned by a young music industry star who wanted a quiet retreat. (© Pete Nelson/New Treehouses of the World )

look at this treehouse! I always wanted one when i was a kid

Every dream house has a tree house! I love how it is all in one space- the tree house, slide and swings - so only one spot to supervise! And I don't care if I don't even have kids in having this in my backyard

How to Build a Treehouse #howtobuildaplayhouse

How to Build a Treehouse #howtobuildaplayhouse

A space to relax outdoors amongst the trees! Love this idea for a basic platform tree house. You could get a big tarp to cover the blankets and pillows when the tree house is not in use.

bluepueblo:  Tree House Stairway, The Enchanted Wood photo via enpundit

Tree House Stairway, The Enchanted Wood photo via enpundit The most fascinating, Awesome,. Tree House I've Ever Seen !

Ultimate Tree House

Crystal River Tree house: A Rustic Loft Perched Above an Icy Colorado River. David Rasmussen, treehouse expert, designed and built this “treehouse” with log columns as the main support, since the trees on the property are not strong enough to build on.