Pikkuinen talo. Mitä asumiseen ja elämiseen tarvitaan?

Tiny house: The couple's hand-built 125 square foot house has a sitting room, a bathroom, a compost toilet and a bedroom tucked into a loft in the vaulted ceiling

inside the tiny house - view from loft

Couple Build (Very) Tiny Home, Seek A New American Dream

At First, I Felt Sorry For The People Who Live In This Tiny House. Then I Looked Closer...Now I'm Jealous. Click through for the inspiring story.

TINY House: This Boulder (USA) couple built a x wooden house whose foundation is a two-axle trailer bed.

house_on_wheels_014.jpg (600×448)

140 sq feet, so it is big by Tiny House standards. Wonder if the loft was included in that square footage?

Built from salvaged materials, no two of the homes from Luling, Texas-based Tiny Texas Houses, which start at 120 square feet, are alike.

69 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You've Ever Seen

Have you heard of this amazing company out of Luling, Texas called Tiny Texas Houses?

“We don't all have to give up our material possessions and live in 89 square feet but let's think about giving up our McMansions and buildin...

To learn more about the small house movement, watch Tiny. The movie includes a segment on this couple and others like them who are looking to live in smaller houses but lead BIGGER lives.


Whole Village of Tiny Houses Makes Boneyard Studios a Unique Urban Retreat Whole Village of Tiny Houses Makes Boneyard Studios a Unique Urban Retreat

14 Amazing Tiny Homes | Tiny House Ideas by Pioneer Settler http://pioneersettler.com/tiny-homes/

14 Amazing Tiny Homes

Tour these tiny homes and fall in love with their small yet practical interiors! Get inspired with these fun tiny house ideas, build your own mini retreat