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Fahrenheit Eugenia Loli art, woman lying on plate of meatloaf, woman's hand with ladle pouring tomato sauce over woman

Take a Little Dip | by Eugenia Loli

The Daily Muse: Eugenia Loli, Collage Artist Curated by Elusive Muse All Rights Reserved, Eugenia Loli


“Bone Broth” by Eugenia Loli Portfolio Completely obsessed with her

Eugenia's Collages

Cashew Cakes by Eugenia Loli Collage

// NUUN | BERLIN // Paper Collage ¦ 2014 Raul Ruzzene #NuunBerlin #Collage #LunchTime #ArtInernational #ArtVenture

hissingpulse: “ Fresh Goats Make The Loudest Hush ¦ Raul Ruzzene ¦ Paper Collage ¦ 2014 ”

Bildergebnis für bread collage art

sunny morning Collage Art, via Ian Roure

Nice big Pin: Dan Halen - 'An Open Mind'

PancreasSupervisor aka Dan Halen - An Open Mind, 2013 Collages: Cut + Paste

What a yummy dive!!!!

Great Collage - Grains for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, but more like spaghetti

Marina Morales

Collage - Marina Molares//how bout this one Corinne

Lovers who eat the world - Mariano Peccinetti  I see two people in love, but with a world in between.

This week I show you the great works by the Argentinian collage artist Mariano Peccinetti. His bold psychedelic-surreal works are full of beauty and poetry.

Pop Tarts, 2012 by Lynn Skordal aka Paperworker


Los collages sarcásticos de Eugenia Loli

Sometimes, inspiration strikes like lightnin, and you just can't stop making pop vintage collages. That's the story of Eugenia Loli.