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~~Posing red panda by Tambako the Jaguar~~ Hanging pet food haven - such a great idea. Keera* mo 50 lb) Happy, loving girl :) is an adop.


Young silver fox (vulpes vulpes) by Matt Knoth That is a beautiful fox.

Red Panda

Located in China and Nepal, the red panda. or Shining Cat, inhabits tree tops. The red panda was originally placed in the raccoon and bear.

Beautiful Red Panda!

Homer (by Mark Dumont); [vc] as noted on "Jeopardy" earlier this week, a "red fox" isn't a fox at all, but instead it's a type of panda. So Firefox should really be called Firepanda?

Mark Dumont -  Red Panda

Red Pandas can be found in wildlife sanctuaries of Darjeeling, West Bengal and Sikkim and in the Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh in India. its like a cat and a bear mixed.

Too Cute, Red Panda.

redwingjohnny: “ Baby Red Pandas Emerge For The First Time These little fellas came a surprise to their keepers at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, who didn’t know that the secretive parents had mated.

baby red panda at the national zoo

On June two red panda cubs were born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D. -- this on the heels of two previous cubs born in early June at the Zoo’s facility in Front Royal, VA.