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That moment when you only have on mascara & someone asks you if you're wearing fake lashes

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ever since you lost yo edges you. started blaming perms and wearing wigs more hanging with stylist i never seen

I know! My name is so hard for people to say for some reason and it is literally spelt like it sounds

19 Truths For People With A Unique Name. This article relates to me so much!

this happened today I was so confused for like ten minutes

22 Things You Actually Learn At University

When u try to take a 20 minute nap and wake up 8 hours later Confused asf

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I wanna tell you so much shit and fuck you up but then i remember im a changed person.

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Especially sophomore and junior year! Between projects every minute, an exam in every class every week, classwork assignments all the time, finals, and regents.you kids better enjoy middle school!

zendaya meme - Google Search

We al l dat 1 "friend" whos throwing shade.meanwhile dey always luk lyk shit!

Happens often

That one time i tried to tell my sister about when teachers bend over to help the person next beside you and his ass be poppin, the joke was "next time he do this imma eat his ass he gotta LEARN to not do it again." but i was laughing too hard.