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Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: If at first you don't succeed, roll a blunt and smoke some weed.

A couple that smokes weed together, stays together.

And couples that don't smoke weed together are happier and smarter. :) sucks to be you.

10 Pictures of Marijuana to Help Identify Different Forms: Chopped Up Marijuana Plant

10 Pictures of Marijuana to Help Identify Different Forms

Marijuana: Free-Speech Lawsuit Sparks Questions About St. Louis Police Stance on Pot - Daily RFT

Crackalackin' - Imgur


Lack of crackers. Crackalackin' (n) - the lack of having crackers in the household. Jen Maury mg HANE. ANY Lack of crackers Crackalackin' (n) - the lack having in household Jen Maury mg HANE ANY

iPod friendship

1 time my ipod stoped working & i didnt hav 1 for 3 months ahhhhhhhh!

I hope I never have to ask you.... :)

Real friends will dress in drag and do the hula a distraction while you go kill your crazy uncle.


Funny Confession Ecard: You look great, but don't see anyone out you know. You wear no makeup, have messy hair and dirty clothes on and suddenly it's like a fucking reunion.