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I am a peace loving female, hippie from California. I could not live a day without music! I am always going to be "forever young" I refuse to grow up! Rock music is the best thing that ever happened to music! Peace and love to all!

Fantastic animal Halloween costume ideas

Look at this cat, he's a lion! I know, he's a lion cat. So, he's/she's/it's a lion cat.

Sweet with flowers.

A pretty flower tiara for a pretty donkey. This will be the "flower girl" for my wedding!

!!!  <3   Whimsical Raindrop Cottage

“What a strange thing to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.” two of my favorite things. Cherry blossom trees and kitty's.

If I fits I sit!

The cat in the back is all like "can I have a turn?" But the gray cat is just a jerk and sits in the whale all by himself. The cats are orange.

Google+ . This is so amazing that they would sit so perfect for the camera. Almost human like.

**DAD Cat: "Don'tz move a muscle. Dey be gonna shoots us." Kitten: "Dey are?

Sounds good to me!

"Women and Cats will do as they please. AND Men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea!), One of my favorite Robert Heinlein quotes.