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Nephtali Short Animated FilmIn "Naphtali" Glen Keane uses Both the film and drawing in order to Depict the journey of a ballerina That Is drawn Towards a Higher Power.

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some sort of fairy sprite lady! I haven’t drawn any elfy ladies lately so today is the day

Rowan and Aelin. sappy shit by ancalinar.... Not sure if they have bromance or romance.

Drawing kissing gives me serious heebie-jeebies. :s sappy shit

A scene for Amara.  She is missing her father, and home, and she cannot understand why Khara would want to do such a thing.

(C) 'Dirty blood', they said. nothing but a 'halfer'. Never feeling quite right in the Highlands among her mother's people, who would grow old and die while she remained untouched by time. but never to be accepted among the children of Lunae.