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My Household : Farmhouse Collection : Fine Art Print

My Household : Farmhouse Collection : Fine Art Print

My Household - best life ever - jw art print - happiertogive - jw wedding gift - jw anniversary gift - Joshua - farmhouse collection

Aww!!! Recipe for Pioneering

"Recipe for Successful Pioneering" shares: One of the sisters in our congregation gave these to the pioneers during our annual pioneer dinner. Recipe is good for Regular and Auxiliary Pioneers alike.

Family worship ...what a beautiful way to do family worship night:)

What a great idea for teaching Bible verses! Family Worship Night♥ Make sure to make the G in God capital.

Changes for Jehovah are SO WORTH it!!

Leave behind the hurtful sarcastic comments and fill our life with love and encouragement. Being a true christian is so much more than attending meetings.

Jesus's role in Jehovah's Kingdom Government. He has never been called the Creator. Jehovah God is his father.

Jesus' role as King High Priest of God's Kingdom Government, which his father, Jehovah God, gave to him.

~ Dear Jehovah ~

No matter what happens, give me the heart that is willing to obey whatever the cost may be.

Pioneer Poem.

Pioneer Poem.