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Community Helpers: The student can pick which community helper they want to be and why.  Then they can be displayed on the wall.

Community Helpers

As a final project to wrap up our community helpers unit I decided to allow the students to pick which community helper they would like to be and why. I told them that their work would go on our bu.

Community helpers bulletin board (Inferring using clues and schema)

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Rural, Suburban, & Urban Foldables & Worksheets for Communities unit in Second Grade.

By the end of class, students will be able to differentiate between the different communities by working individually.

What is a Community?  A Grade 2 Alberta Social Studies Unit                                                                                                                                                                                 More

What is a Community? A Grade 2 Alberta Social Studies Unit

community & family bulletin boards - Google Search

What a great bulletin board for the beginning of the year.or for a community helpers unit via Teaching, Learning, & Loving.

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Our Local Area Display - Journeys, maps and addresses. Creating story maps or models to represent the location of the places and features they pass on their way to school.

We had a TON of F.U.N. learning about Rural, Urban, and Suburban Communities!

Rural, Urban, and Suburban Communities = FUN!

Don't miss this video if you are teaching goods and services! See this video and get links to great goods and services sites on this post!

Love Those Goods and Services!

Perfect for goods and services/wants and needs! Other great links about goods and services on this post! People have many economic wants and needs, but limited resources with which to obtain them.