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Okay imagine Dan looking at this (on video)  "Ohh, wow that's actually really cool," "Oh wait, am I Harley Quinn? Ohh my god! There together! Oh my god!!"  "..."  "Hey! Phil! Come look at this!" Cheeky wink

I really hate the Harley and joker ship but this is so cool!

Love me like you do..“Dan sat under the hot sun for hours thinking maybe if he sit here long enough, Phil might love him the way he loves his garden. patreon | youtube | twitter | instagram | storenvy | redbubble ”

Plant Boy Lester and Camouflage Howell with hobbit hair make a very aesthetic picture. I love MaddoxRider

This is amazing

Aw I love how Dan is there like, "Damn dammit crap frick eyeball," and Phil's moving along like, "come on peasant you're so slow"