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No Issues Today. I'm in my awesome bubble and you're not allowed inside. Wish I COULD say this today. Too many people in my bubble today.

You know that little thing inside your head that keeps you from saying things you shouldn't?  Yeah, I don't have one of those.

Yep, this is me.a filtering problem! "Little Thing Inside Your Head"

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The doctor said I needed to start drinking more wine. Also, I'm calling myself 'the doctor' now.double entendre for "The Doctor" ;

Foam Run? Color Run? Mud Run? I say we stick to Liquor Store Runs. In a car.

Foam Run? Color Run? Mud Run? I say we stick to Liquor Store Runs. In a car. I loved the mud run but this is funny!

It's a complete sentence.

Can I just get a bunch of these made up and hand them out like business cards?

Hate when guys do this....especially when I'm talking to them...if you gonna hang with me, hang with me. The phone can wait....females do this too.

Free and Funny News Ecard: thank you for letting me watch you constantly text as we hang out. I would hate to bore you with my company.

I amuse myself everyday...and laugh even harder when the tight wads around me don't 'get it'.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.

Hilarious. I kind of want to do this at work lol

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait. You would sooooo do this!

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Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I'm having one of those days where sounds, people's faces, and simply just being awake annoys me.