If you're searching for birthday party themes for girls, you can't beat princesses! Check out some of these birthday decorations and DIY birthday gifts too.

25 No Sew Crafts for Kids – Page 4 – Play Ideas

25 No Sew Crafts for Kids

Lu Bird Baby: Princess Wand Tutorial These were the wands I based my version on.

DIY Princess Wand: Tie three long ribbons in a knot around the top of a wooden dowel, and secure with a little bit of hot glue. Glue ribbon-y dowel to largest of three felt stars. Glue smallest star to medium star. Glue along the edges of largest star and apply the medium/smallest start combo like a sandwich. Voila!

Lu Bird Baby: Princess Wand Tutorial *did this for Bella's bday party today, it was super fun and easy! i had the girls come and pick out all of their own shapes and ribbons, and i just hot glued them on the spot.

Princess Rosette Wands made with the #Cricut machine. Perfect for a little girl's party!

Princess Rosette Wands made with the machine.-- or pixie sticks as treat favors

The Little Mermaid Ariel Magical Wand Craft Tutorial

How to make a Tulle Wand -

wands for guests

{ Fairy Wands Tutorial - Birthday Party Favours} I have been wondering what to do for party favours and since I’ve always wanted to have a.

DIY Cardboard castle - chateau de princesse en carton

Comment construire un chateau en carton - Nous et les minibouts

Princess Party Graphics

A Pink Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Pink Princess Birthday Party Ideas - ideas on DIY decorations, printables, food, favors and games for a girly princess celebration!