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FOX News 131705 : DC will never be the same after Adam Kokesh

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Corporatists Are Taking Away Your Free TV

In Supreme Court ruling this week, tech start-up Aereo was found to be in violation of the Copyright Act for streaming network TV broadcasts to their custome.

Does Google control what you see and the right to be forgotten online? -...

Does Google control what you see and the right to be forgotten online? -...

Snowdens Story | Unfilter 99

Edward Snowden has once again captured the attention of the media. False claims, and ridiculous rhetoric are in full force, and we'll cut through the crap.

U.S. Gov Promoting Mosanto Worldwide! Corona Virus! Court OKS Police DNA...

Should the police be able to collect DNA after an arrest? I can understand why they would for a rape case, but for DUIs and other alleged crime.

Obama's Creepy Spying! PS4 vs Xbox One! AR-15 CHOICE! Van Drama!

Chilling in Downtown Flint, MI, I provide I provide commentary on the Obama administration's spying on Americans, the next generation of gaming consoles (Pla.

Published on May 14, 2013

Covert War in Syria Collapsing

Obama's Cell Phone Law

President Obama is signing a new cell phone law, but it’s probably not what you think. Government and cell phones have been tangled up in all kinds of securi.