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WOW ~ Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry. It is traditional for Tibetan men to wear extravagant jewelry About Face,Anthropological,Faces of the World,Global People & Adornements,People all over the world

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A man transports ducks on a motorcycle to a market in Nam Ha province, outside Hanoi May (Photo by Reuters/Kham)

Tibetan Daka, Milarepa

b-alchik: universalbeauty: Tibetan man, wearing Tibetan jewellery and ethnic dress. in my opinion tibetans are actually like the prettiest non-arabs/persians asians ever!

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"I AM CROW" by Kirby Sattler This painting inspired the make up for the character of "Tonto" played by Johnny Depp in the movie The Lone Ranger.

tribal people: 54 thousand results found on Yandex.Images

tribal people: 54 thousand results found on Yandex.Images

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BEAUTY WITHOUT BORDERS: Mongolian headdress. One of the most colorful and original items of Mongolian national dress is the traditional head wear. The Mongolian headdresses differs in shape and purpose.

Tibetan woman

A Khampa Tibetan girl in traditional ceremonial costume from Palyul county, with traditional headdress of strands of turquoise and gold. The costume and ornaments probably consist of much of the family's wealth and savings.

Проект Джимми Нельсона "Пока они не исчезли" (Интернет-журнал ETODAY)

Rabari Nobleman, Rathanambore National Park, Aman Bagh, Rajashan, India - From the book 'Before They Pass Away' - Art-print # XVI