Wooden door knobs & latches--someday, I will make these for all the doors in my house!

❧ Wooden door knobs & latches

Lovely handmade wooden door latches

I built this credenza for a client in Joshua Tree.  He wanted this piece to compliment certain characteristics of his Moroccan style house built back in the 60's.  Much of the plywood body is from scraps of plywood saved up from past projects.

This IS art! We know from your posts that we have some very talented wood workers out there. What do you think of this privacy lock by Jory Brigham Design? Beautiful or just drop-dead gorgeous. I seriously want this!

Shopmade versatile workbench. Plans available.

A variety of pre made workbenches are available to fit your needs. If you prefer, you can easily build your own shed workbench, either with a kit or from a plan

Parts Of A Tree That Get Used

Parts Of A Tree That Get Used

In this sculpture by artist Vincent Kohler, an exploded view of a tree shows various cuts of lumber and what parts of a tree they’re from.