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When Susie met the Bengal Tiger.

Bengal Tiger and Little Girl, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA. Name of tigress - "Little Girl". The first Zoo to exhibit the large cats behind glass

We have a zoo that works hand in hand with a Tiger Preserve, These would help to learn the line of the big cat's form.

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

There's no going back. The friendship we once shared is gone. Please accept that. I don't want to be mean, it's just things are a lot different now. I'm a lot different now. People and things change. Time changes people... Good luck, I hope things work out for you. Remember, chase after God. He's all that truly matters, He's all that we truly need.

One of the most beautiful animals in creation. say no to circuses Swimming lessons Respect our wild animals! They are God's gift to us!

Chillin on the corner

This is especially clever if that's Durga on the t-shirt (I can't quite tell), because she travels on a tiger/lion! (Hindu deities all have vehicles ("vahanas").

Meanwhile in Dubai

Meanwhile in Dubai

Just another day in Dubai traffic. If this is true, I want to move to Dubai and just drive around with a pet tiger.

what a beautiful animal! Tiger Furry Animal Friends by stella Wild Animals as Pets!

#Fact #BengalTiger #Cat #SiberianTiger Whiskers, Roar, Image, Aggression - Follow @thegeniusboss for more pics like this!

#Fact #BengalTiger #Cat #SiberianTiger Whiskers, Roar, Image, Aggression - Follow @thegeniusboss for more pics like this!

I want to make a quilt with these colors. Is that possible to recreate them?

“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things.