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Syyrialaispoika oli jäänyt jumiin pommituksissa sortuneen talon raunioihin Itä-Aleppossa. (AP)

Ruoka loppumassa itäisestä Alepposta

Russia sets brief cease-fire for Aleppo as strikes kill 36

Syria: Rebels losing support in Aleppo | GlobalPost

Syria: Rebels losing support among civilians in Aleppo


Video posted on True Tube YT channel showing foreign militants in Syria playing with the head of a Syrian citizen, these terrorists can be from ISIS( Islamic front of Iraq and sham) or al nusra front,

#SYRIA NEWS: The commander of the Liwa Al-Tawhid Brigade, has died of injuries sustained last Thursday in a Government air raid. Abdul Qader Saleh was credited with leading the Opposition takeover of the eastern half of #Aleppo. Video of the Opposition demolishing an Army admin building in 5 seconds flat. Heavy fighting continues around Qalamoun mountains and Aleppo airport. Read More ... http://www.petercliffordonline.com/syria-news PIC: Abdul Qader Saleh

Abdul Qader Saleh nicknamed 'Haji Mari' (doesn't have a meaning), the commander of Liwa Tawhid 'Monotheism Brigade' killed by a Syrian Arab Army unit in a

More than talk about Aleppo. Do something. Write letters to congress-people asking them to take action. Donate clothes and food to organizations that help out. Educate your friends and family. Donate food and supplies to Doctors Without Boarders. Ask your school to hold an assembly. Rally for donations at your school or church or community center. Take action.

Yes, some are terrible, awful people who have taken countless lives, but what about the children being raised into this horrific dystopia?

Koalisi yang dipimpin AS tewaskan puluhan pelayat sipil di Kirkuk  KIRKUK (Arrahmah.com) - Kementerian Rusia mengatakan bahwa koalisi yang dipimpin AS bertanggung jawab atas serangan para pelayat di Kota Irak Daquq Jumat (21/10/2016) dan menewaskan puluhan warga sipil termasuk perempuan dan anak-anak.  Jet koalisi itu tampaknya mengidentifikasi proses berkabung sebagai bagian dari ISIS kata Jenderal Igor Konashenkov juru bicara Kementerian Pertahanan Rusia sebagaimana dilansir RT…

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that the US-led coalition is responsible for striking mourners in the Iraqi city of Daquq on Friday, killing dozens of civilians, including women and children.

11/20/16 - Aleppo Hospital Airstrikes Limit Civilian Access to Trauma Care in Syria Video - ABC News

- Aleppo Hospital Airstrikes Limit Civilian Access to Trauma Care in Syria Video - ABC News

five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, sitting dazed and bloodied in the back of an ambulance after surviving a regime airstrike in Aleppo has highlighted the desperation of the Syrian civil war and the struggle for control of the city 17.8.2016

Boy in the ambulance: shocking image emerges of Syrian child pulled from Aleppo rubble

boy sits in an ambulance apparently after being pulled out of a building hit by an airstrike - Aleppo (Guardian)

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An international team has concluded that the Syrian government and Islamic State militants carried out chemical attacks in the conflict-wracked nation during 2014 and 2015 according to a report circulated on Wednesday via /r/worldnews

Syria: Aleppo mortar attack marks end of ceasefire - CNN.com

Aleppo: Mortar attack marks end of ceasefire