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Niall Horan flight attendant:) can you imagine? I would press that flight attendant alert button every five seconds!

Nialllllllllll <3

One Direction's Niall Horan Married In A Secret Wedding? - RumorFix - The Anti Tabloid

forgive me Lord for I have lusted open such beauty of your creation. lol

My heart just skipped a beat! God I freaking love Niall! He's a babe(;

Directioners will know<< Mark!!<<<<"im not knocking girls....they're....girls!"<<<<<<	"id love to make a fanfic for you... But i don't know anything about you... Except you yawn in all caps"

He created THE greatest One Direction video-- The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

one direction songs videos

Niall in a bulls hat idk what could be better <<< when he had he looks SO perfect (like always)and his eyes soooo beautiful