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Designer : Terhi Tolvaven
Terhi tolvanen  Gouttes de printemps 2009. Brooch length 14 cm. Labradorite, hazelnut wood, silk, silver.
Terhi Tolvanen- Antoinette 2013. Detail of the necklace.
Ring by Terhi Tolvanen
Galerie Rob Koudijs - Room for New Jewellery TERHI TOLVANEN
Substralia 2004 | Terhi Tolvanen
Terhi Tolvanen 2013
Paul Beelen - Brooch - 2006. There is something deeply satisfying about whittling away at a piece of wood, letting the form reveal itself as you work. I think that's what attracts me to the sculptural wooden jewellery of Paul Beelen found via Klimt02.
Terhi Tolvanen Blue Poppies 2011. Brooch lenght 16 cm. Wood, reconstructed opal and turquoise, paint.