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How to brighten your windowless office. 14 ideas for your workspace or home office. Office inspiration like adding pops of colors, using metallics and clear see-through accessories. For more office ideas, office furniture and desk decor go to Domino.

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A constantly updated resource of inspirational, yet functional, minimal desks and simple workspaces; often showcasing the interior design facets that pull it all together.

Iltaa ystävät! Kelpaisko vielä vähän myöhäisillan inspiraatiota? Pysähdyin näiden kuvien tunnelmaan – sisustuksen kerroksellisuuteen ja hienoon tasapainoon vanhan ja uuden sekä tyylikkyyden ja kodikkuuden välillä. Monta iltaa on jo tullut tuijoteltua meidän olkkarin seiniä eli kovasti tekisi mieli maalata niille murrettuja sävyjä. Kuulemma isontaisikin huonetta eli ajatus houkuttelee todenteolla.. Tässä kaaoksessa, voi luoja… hahhah! :D …

The cozy Scandinavian home of Ulrika Randel is stunning and peaceful. {Photo by Christopher Johnsson, styling by Pella Hedeby for Residence Magazine} /ES

GLAMOUR - Glamunity

I love the black and white, very clean and well organized space. One thing i need more of, i have NO storage space at my current home office desk


Workspace envy - My flat doesn't have a desk :( how do they expect me to work? Definitely daydreaming about beautiful workspaces

White modern office with gold/silver accents

Fabulous living room features corner office space with Target Threshold Basic Desk topped with Gold Pig Bookends paired with Ghost Chair next to floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city.

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Unique Black Grid Mood Board by H+G Designs. Black Leather Straps with Metal Grid Board. Perfect as a mood board, display, pin up board, bulletin board.

Oleander and Palm

Apartment is very cozy with Scandinavian style, a great collaboration between Inger Johanna and photographer Sara Landstedt with minimalist white décor