Think Sheets to Help Kids Think About Their actions-with and without pictures to be used with older and younger students. by Hilary Lewis-Rockin' Teacher Materials

working through behaviors

TASK how we can manage behavior by having them think about what they have done wrong. Responding to student behavior calmly and consistently.

FREE! Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory

Student Survey ~ Interest Inventory I hope you and your students enjoy this free student survey and interest inventory. It's great for the first day of school! Teaching Suggestions: You can run the student survey front/back, or just use the front page.

Every child, every day, needs to feel valued and included! Here's how!

How to Make Morning Meeting the Best Part of Your Day

The teacher engages learners in generating and evaluating new ideas and novel approaches, seeking inventive solutions to problems, and developing original work.

All About Me Pennant--first week of school then attach them all and hang up in classroom or hallway

All About Me Pennant

All About Me Pennant- PLEASE forget about doing this for the Start-of-the-Year bulletin board! But if I remember, what info might I put on the pennant for each kid. have each teacher make one?

Cute! Behavior Management Supplemental Packet for Clip Chart |

Behavior Management Supplemental Packet for Clip Chart

"Oops!" Student Behavior Sheet... holding students accountable for their actions.

Oops! Elementary Behavior Response Sheet

holding students accountable for their actions/modify for preschool -so parents have a realistic view of their child's behavior.

Progress Reports for your Friday Folders!

Reporting Behavior in the Classroom

Progress Reports for your Friday Folders!adjust for middle school, but this would be a good thing to have on file for parent-teacher conferences

End of the day questions, have your kids keep them in a jar and get them to answer all of them.

End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards for Community Building. Could also use this at the dinner table, have kids draw few questions out of the jar and talk as a family about it over dinner.

all about me.pdf

Back in the Saddle Again - Mrs. Collier's Classroom So. Who has time to maintain a website? However, I worked too hard on this stuff not to share with you. Here is a "Getting to Know You" worksheet for the first week of school.

Have the classroom rules visible so students never have the excuse that they forgot the rules.

Have the classroom rules visible so students can see them. I start the day with a quick reminder of the rules when I have a difficult class.