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great quotes from Daryl

Quotes from the badass daryl Dixion. Whats your favorite daryl quote? I'd say mine is "Am I the only one zen around here?" or "damn, you are one ugly skank!

Gentleman Daryl… Hardened by zombie apocalypse - still says yes ma'am. #TheWalkingDead

Gentleman Daryl…

Yes I will and you better believe it

Surprisingly ( your all gonna hate me for this. ) i really dont care if daryl dies. Hes only good for fighting amd nothing else really. - ---these are fighting words.

Michonne, The Walking Dead one of my Favorite Characters.  Hard Core Chic!!!

Keep Calm and call Michonne! Love The Walking Dead, and Michonne is my fave!

Haha! True

Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead 2 favorite peeople right there. nd yeah so true, i still want