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Ashton Irwin<3 5SOS<3

Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds of Summer. His selfies on the fisrt try are better than mine on the millionth try

Honestly, holy crap. He looks so dang good. HOW DOES ONE HUMAN LOOK SO GOOD. HalP

At first I was like "ASDFGHJKL". Then I looked at this again and said "wow, I really love him. DANM IT ASH!

Ashton Irwin in glasses makes me so happy He needs to wear his glasses way more often! Anyone else with me on that?

What is air? But guys like seriously though his face is so cute awwh.

I am a small blonde boy. So you're Miley?

But can you imagine the day that Ashton finally decides to twerk? People will lose it. Mountains will crumble. Fandoms will fall. People will not be able to handle the hilarity of ashton irwin twerking. >> lol "im a small blonde boy.

5SOS Excited Throwing Confetti

5 Seconds of Summer Fan Problems, Things Only 5SOS Fans Understand

5 Seconds of Summer won the award for Song Of The Summer at the 2015 VMAs, and fans are (rightfully) ecstatic.

Does anyone else just get on YouTube and look up vids of ash laughing? Just of him laughing? Or is it just me?....

It's not a laugh, it's a giggle. Just embrace the fact people; guys can giggle adorably too.