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I just can’t get enough of you…

I just can't get enough of you

I do not like sponge bob but I think this every Sunday Night "Weekend you get back here.

This represents that thy r charmed with the CBP Workation Retreat ideas pinned on the CBP Board.

angry birds

What really happened at Stonehenge. What REALLY happened at Stonehenge Stonehenge Angry Birds rocks England uk queen ra

Iol....don't forget Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We don’t really love Monday cuz it’s first day and you really don’t want to go out work after having casual weekend, so here’s few Monday funny memes which surely reflects o…

If you're happy & you know it...  TheCulturalHall.com

T-Rex Tiny Arms. Poor Dino D:. oh my, thats funny! Yeah, and you ab-so-lu-tel-ly NEVER saw this anywhere else before right? take my red pinkie bro dinosaur t rex happy fuuuuuu

Nose Jokes

23 Funny Baby Memes That Are Adorably Cute. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing When I Read #10!

Baby memes are not only funny but they are cute! Here are 23 funny baby memes that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

It's not about how hard you fall, It's about how high you bounce back

They used to be called jumpolines.nothing better than a yo mama joke!

Monday humor, Monday ruins your day, Friday humor

Funny Work Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description We interrupt your happiness to bring you MONDAY. Your regularly scheduled happiness will resume on Friday. Sharing is Caring – Don’t forget to share this quote !

At my funeral…..

'At my Funeral I'd lie there to be a Piñata so that People can be happy.but filled with Bees so They're not TOO Happy'. Now THAT'S my kind of Funeral, Ha!

Retratos familiares que van a tocar tu alma | Imperdible!! – AB Magazine

Retratos familiares que van a tocar tu alma

vintage everyday: Kids Always Make Us Laugh – 18 Funny Vintage Photos Show the Mischief of Children

Uugh I hate Mondays "back to the grind" days

Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m see Tuesday and Dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, its not me, its you.

Redbull + Coffee

Redbull + Coffee

I poured red bull redbull, in my coffee this morning, I can SEE SOUNDS now, I can't stop laughing

Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl going to the bathroom Because the P is silent , Jurassic Park Movie, actor Goldberg You know that's funny stuff