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Dean explaining his feelings for Cas by describing pie versus cake. Yep, he's talkin' Angel Food cake.with a side of trenchcoat

Stop it

Welcome to the Supernatural fandom where we'll make you cry and drown in a puddle of your own feels!<<< woah I wrote that his is so great I feel so happy after this post. But the feels I can barely read this

Don't ship Destiel, but I do love their friendship. Also, sorry for the language.

Destiel: Dean must be protected at all cost. Especially from Dick.

Supernatural theory: Cas works at State Farm.

Supernatural theory: Cas works at State Farm.<< I bet all the agents at state farm are angels, I mean have you seen how they swoosh in after you do the jingle?


''The one time Cas had the normal reaction to something.'' Oh, Cas! :) >> I loved this scene!

Supernatural. Enough said.//when meg called cas her unicorn it made me want to fling myself off a building

Dean is a dinosaur, Cas it's the unicorn, a Sam is the weard creature thing in the back.

I can't say no to this lmao

Most of the time. I love how Sam still looks so cute and innocent with blood splattered on his face. And dean's face in the last picture.

I definitely just tried calling that number... Doesn't work anymore<<<<I just got this scary screeching noise.

16 things you didn't know-Supernatural: Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!