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XD LOL OMG IM DYING. Okay not as much as dean and Sam but. You know

I have had only one supernatural dream and in it I was pissed cuz my friend let her self get possessed even tho I had TOLD her what to do to stop it.

Dean: He’s my angel Dean: my dick Dean: also note the fact that while I do have regular access to his dick upon request does not mean it belongs to me Dean: it’s a really nice one

Me and jocks^^ I hate them. That one's mine . My football player. Mine.

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If Dean met Jensen; and Castiel met Misha. Can we make this actually happen? The French Mistake II?

I can't stop laughing send help immediately

What fic is this I wanna read it//I can't stop laughing send help immediately

I really don't know what to do with this

And then Sam walks in and just rolls his eyes and throws some major sass faces at the two 12 year old morons that are fighting on the floor.

I don't ship it but HAHAHA YESSSS

I can see sam just deadpan "did I stutter"

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Supernatural Go. This needs to happen! I want a Castiel! I would definitely get data for this game

Destiel. 100% sure this would happen.

sure this would happen. I don't ship it but this is absolutely adorable!


Can this please happen? SOMEONE: make this into a comic. Pretty please? With a cherry on top?< I'm laughing so hard

When they put themselves in someone else’s shoes: | 18 Times The Supernatural Fandom Hilariously Hijacked Tumblr Posts

When they put themselves in someone else's shoes:

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Lucifer yes // you know what, i fucking hate spn's lucifer, but i would have strangely been okay with this because it just seems like the sort of thing he'd do - destiel

I never pin destiel stuff but this is completely within canon probability.

I don't ship it but I think this is hilarious.

Grumpy Cas is the cutest Supernatural Destiel

sam winchester cinderella - Google Search

sam winchester cinderella - the last is funny because the cat name is Lucifer too.

I would cry laughing

At this point it's not Misha playing Cas it's Misha playing himself.