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Kill the horse?!? F that!! You jump down slowly!! People don't jump enough IMO.

Skyrim fall

"Everything not saved will be lost". - Imgur

"Everything not saved will be lost".

This is kinda sad but true to move forward you've got to sacrifice some things it's part of the game called Life.

11. Thou shalt never sell anything, just in case. | The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs. Amen and hell yeah. Gods yes, guilty as charged!

That feeling you get after traversing dwemer underground ruins

Dat feeling after strooling dwemer underground for hours...

That feeling when you finally find your way out of Dwemer ruins- Sweet relief.

Having lived through a game of Mario Party that ended with a controller being thrown at the tv and said player storming out, I agree, DO NOT play Mario Party.

Playing Videogames With Friends...

Video Games cause violence!!!! Defiantly not!!

Dorkly Comic – Videogames: A History of Violence [Comic] hahahahahahahahahahaha thats how we become violent our gaming rage not the game itself

Why gaming is good for you

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Interesting infographic on games and learning. Gaming is Good for You (Infographic)

If life was a video game and just like a video game you spend 20 years choosing your character